Meet the Experts of Krescon- creating legends

Sat Puram Singh Khalsa – ICF (PCC) Coach

Sat Sir (as we all fondly call him) has been the driving force to inculcate an 'Entrepreneurial spirit' in our clients. Sat Sir has coached many business unit heads, and senior corporate leaders, to create Inner alignment with the Usefulness of the past, the opportunistic present & the hopeful future. He calls it the path towards Core Alignment.' He is also a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, Dr. Richard Bandler's Licensed NLP trainer, and a certified trainer for 'Kundalini Yoga. Sat Sir also has an Honorary Ph.D. in "Quantum Jump."

Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors

Siri G P Kaur Khalsa - ICF (MCC) Coach

Siri is an ICF MCC coach, Best Life NLP Trainer, Licensed by Dr. Richard Bandler USA and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coach. She is a purpose and business coach with experience of twenty-plus years in training and coaching. A Certified trainer for ‘Kundalini Yoga,’ Siri has multiple awards and accolades to her credit, including an honorary Ph.D. in “Intuitive Intelligence.

Anish Rakheja - Founder Director & Coach

Anish Rakheja is the creator of the extremely powerful ‘NDP Framework©’ that combines the finding of Vedic Astrology, Psychometric Assessment, and Perceived Interest for a personalized and comprehensive career mentoring process.
He is also the man behind the popular ARISE model used in the transformative coaching. A sought after C-suite coach, Anish endeavors to help the achievers discover their infinite core state energy and experience the blissful potential by being aware of their inner beingness. A Dr. Richard Brandler certified NLP practitioner and trained on various Internationally acclaimed behavioral and personality assessment tools like DISC, MBTI Strong Interest Inventory

Amit Garg – Chief Mentor and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Amit Garg is a Reiki Master and a certified clinical hypnotherapist. He specializes in spiritual healing and a Kwan Yin Magnified Healing Practitioner. Amit combines hypnotherapy techniques with Reiki in his mentoring session, which profoundly impacts decision-making capabilities. Amit excels in connecting clients with their true potential using hypnotherapy concepts and has successfully helped people remove their mental blockage and achieve a free flow state. Amit holds an Engineering degree as well as an MBA from a premier management institute in India.

Omi Gupta - Marketing Head

Omi Gupta is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Certified Life Coach, Niche Clarity Expert, and Social Media Strategist. He helps Coaches and Startups to develop the right strategy for their business and create a digital ecosystem to bring profitability to their business through the power of automation and funnels. He believes Krescon has the power to impact the lives of so many peoples who are looking to feel empowered and getting clarity in their life

Sushmita Das- Content Director

Sushmita Das is an internationally published writer and Ambassador of World Pulse. She has contributed her writings in empowering women through her powerful words. Along with being an advocate for women's rights and social justice, she has accomplished her education in the technical field of Engineering. She helps people in edifying their voices through her art of writing. The ideology of Krescon has attracted her to become a part of this noble cause of creating legends.

Samar Chobe - Astro Coach

An Astrologer par excellence, Samarji has an experience of more than two decades in the field of Vedic astrology and personal guidance. A firm believer in the Eastern knowledge and principles of Karma theory, Bhagwad Gita ( a repository of the Vedic wisdom) has been the true guiding star in his life. He brings Krescon the knowledge and importance of connecting to our inner self. A decorated and certified Astrologer from the Institute of Astrology, Delhi, Samarji has provided invaluable consultation to business executives and celebrities alike.

Mariya Abramovich - Astro Coach

Mariya is an Astro Coach and head of the EE (Eastern Europe) geography. She lives in Belarus and is an experienced Vedic astrologer. Her passion lies in exploring the different cultures around the world to understand the development of human society. A culturologist, researcher, Mariya completed her master of journalism (M.J). She worked as a consultant and editor with a leading daily before finding her true calling to guide and mentor people based on Astro science. She has the opportunity to visit over 60 countries for her research projects and in her quest to understand the evolution of humanity.

Pratyush Kesarwani - IT Expert

Pratyush Kesarwani is an information and technology expert. He is immensely driven in the technical handlings of Krescon. His expertise has helped in flourishing many websites at a very young age of 21. He has managed to bag an award for his technical competence and proficiency.