Canada has been an extremely popular destination for international students for quite a long time. More and more students flock to Canada to get quality study which will help them shape their complete career path. The affordable programs, internationally recognized degrees, and quality of education attract them to choose Canada as their study destination.
Canada is one of the most favored study destinations for the students of other countries as it offers a safe multicultural environment to all.
Lately, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have introduced several additional measures for supporting international students to continue their education in Canada.
The new changes announced by IRCC are as following:

  • IRCC will prioritize study-permit processing for those students who have submitted their complete visa online to make sure that study permits are processed as soon as possible for the visa applications that are submitted before the 15th of September, 2020.
  • Letting the students count the duration spent on getting their education online abroad regarding their eligibility towards a post-graduation work permit, in case they have submitted an application of study permit and got the approval in principle & if at least fifty percent of their course is completed in Canada.
  • Offering reassurances required for completing the process of their visa applications, and who opt for pursuing programs via distance learning, by executing a 2-stage temporary approval process.

Why the need for these measures?
IRCC has stated that it has introduced these measures to help the students initiate their courses for the fall 2020 session at the right time. The students who have completed their application for a study permit earlier can request the IRCC to process their applications early. IRCC understands the difficulties of the students during the COVID-19 outbreak and these measures are announced due to these tough conditions.
How international students will benefit from the new measures?
International students will be highly benefitted from the introduction of the new measures. The benefit they will get are as follows: –

  • With the announcement of the new measures, Students will have to process the study permit so the students who have finished their virtual application need to process their permits as quickly as possible.
  • The new measure has announced a temporary two-stage approval process for the international students who fail to submit their complete study permit application and are looking for starting their Canadian education program in a virtual mode. Students who aim to start their course in fall 2020 can benefit from this temporary process. They are required to submit their study permit application by the end of the 15th of September, 2020.
  • The new measures allow the students to start their Canadian studies in online mode even if they are living abroad. The time will also add to their PG work permit eligibility in case they have applied for a study permit & will pursue half of the program in Canada.

With the introduction of new changes, IRCC will try its best to process the study permit of the students as soon as possible which will be a huge benefit for the students. They will be able to pursue the quality education of Canada which is affordable than other countries such as the USA. The students will continue working while learning which will help them in reducing their expenses in Canada.
After the completion of their education, they can get a PGWP which allows them to work in Canada for 3 years. The work experience they will get in Canada will surely help them in getting the permanent residency & citizenship of Canada.

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