Unravel your life with the power of Astro-coaching
Stay Alive In The Hearts Of People By Leaving A Legacy Behind
Act upon life before it starts acting on us
Clear the lens and Sharpen the Vision
Play the Inner Game of Golf to Triumph over the Psychological War
Creating Legends
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Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s leaving something in people.

Peter Strople

Meet Krescon

Krescon is an extremely personalized Executive and Legacy Coaching firm which celebrates the idea of living a purposeful life. It works with the belief that every individual is unique and has an inherent capability to lead a wholesome life.

Krescon works with celebrities, entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals, nudging them towards a self-actualization state and facilitates their legacy creation process. We also coach our customers in preparing them to successfully transition out of their current phase of life and smoothly slide into their next journey.

Looking for a coach?

Coaching With Krescon- Time to Pause, Reflect, and Get in Sync With Your Inner Greatness

Our Signature Series

Coaching With Krescon- Time to Pause, Reflect, and Get in Sync With Your Inner Greatness


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We will let your core values transform your personality for you to experience a breakthrough at the most crucial phase of your life.

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Game is ON

Highly personalized and revolves around the philosophy that we should act upon life before it starts acting on us.

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Eye of the Tiger

Intensely focused high octane “vision creation” program for entrepreneurs, alpha geeks, gen Z operating in the VUCA world.

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Beating the Handicap

I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s golf game: It’s called an eraser.” Unclog your blocked creativity and resolve the fight within.

Astro Profiling

Astro-profiling is a detailed report of an individual that results from combining the astrological findings and psychometric evaluation of a person’s behavior and personality. It is one of the most comprehensive multidimensional profiling reports available today anywhere in the world.

Astro Coaching

The merging of astrology and coaching comes equipped with futuristic results. It is a technique that very few coaches are ready to experiment with but one that can have a phenomenal impact on the coachee or the learner’s life. Since we understand the relevance and the beauty of this intermingling, we are introducing a unique concept called Astro-coaching. Astro-coaching will infuse the best of both worlds to enhance your ability in life.

Globally Recognised Accreditations


Legacy Coaching- 5 best reasons you must opt

Legacy coaching Legacy coaching is the process of letting a person discover his “true-identity” with the help of a coach. This is one of the ways by which an individual gets the insight to unleash his highest potentials, and is...

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Reminiscence Of A Coach

“It is not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up..” This quote sums up what coaching is about and the difference a coach can make in one’s life. A coach is like a “speaking mirror” that challenges...

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